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Ultrasound Helped My Fibromyalgia

I bought this product because I was familiar with the benefits of ultrasound from previous physical therapy sessions. My deductible on my insurance is much too high now to get the "professional" treatment available from a physical therapist, so I purchased this product to use at home. I have been very pleased with all aspects of my purchase.

First of all, the unit is sleek, light, well-made and durable. And the medicated lavender infusion gel is far better than any other plain conductive gel. There are easy-to-read instructions and customer service is just a phone call away. I had a question about treating more than one body area at a sitting and whether this would adversely affect the unit. I got to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable "real person" right away (which is not common these days with frustrating recordings that offer no service).

I considered this purchase as a long-term investment in my health, and that it was a bargain if it performed as stated. I have not been disappointed. I have fibromyalgia and myofascial pain, and a couple of old injuries from bumping around in life. Ultrasound increases blood flow and stimulates healing. This unit is well worth the money and does the job.

MendMeShop 5 Star Rating
Shannon McBride Camarda, OR

In my search for an ultrasound I investigated different companies. No matter who I spoke with at MendmeShop, they were informed, articulate, and I knew they would be there if I had a problem. I used it for my Fibromyalgia. I was concerned because the home ultrasounds are much less intense as far as what you get at the Chiropractor, but this worked great. The gel is expensive but I don't think I will be able to use the cheap stuff after the great relief I felt with the Ultrasound and Gel. The gel left me feeling soothed, and a cooling sensation. The relief and cooling sensation lasted a long time. So super happy with this product. I am considered a very bad case for Fibromyalgia, so this is a huge deal to have any relief. Thanks!

MendMeShop 5 Star Rating
Julie, Auora Colorado


Thank you for your great customer service. Your product is excellent and your quick response to my requests is outstanding. I hope other people take advantage of your ultrasound since it compliments physical therapy and gives quicker results.

MendMeShop 5 Star Rating
Kathryn Hallock, OH

I must say I am very pleased with the results I have achieved so far with the MendMeShop ultrasound unit. I have received ultrasound in the past and it helped greatly. However, it was time consuming and rather inconvenient. I am glad I found your company and I am now able to use ultrasound from home. I have been using the device since June to treat knee osteoarthritis and a previous meniscus injury. Prior to purchasing the ultrasound, I suffered from rather significant pain on a regular basis. It was difficult to do every day activities such as grocery shopping and gardening. Now, after a few weeks of using ultrasound, I am able to do those activities plus I am even square dancing. I feel that your ultrasound unit is helping me regain a more normal and pain free life.

MendMeShop 5 Star Rating
Clara Griffiths, USA

I purchased your ultrasound device and gel several months ago. I have used it as prescribed regularly with outstanding results. Several years ago, while playing football as a quarterback, I received a meniscus injury to my left knee. I have had physical therapy steroids, other drugs and natural medicine which helped for a time but the pain kept returning. I received a brochure through the internet. Purchased the device and used it regularly. During a x-ray review of my knee, I learned that the meniscus increased in thickness. Six months ago I was experiencing a bone on bone situation. The last x-ray showed the space between the bone increased to 3.25 mm, relieving the bone on bone and hence the pain I was experiencing. Thank you so much for letting me know of the device.

MendMeShop 5 Star Rating
James Andrews, Former Professional Athlete Florida USA

Please accept my warmest compliments on the courtesy and professionalism of Deb and Mallory. In the last few days, I have been researching portable home ultrasound devices and consequently spoke with a good number of representatives from a broad spectrum of competitors. I can attest that none of them were nearly as helpful and courteous as Deb and Mallory. These two ladies answered all my questions cheerfully and were a great help in providing all the information I needed. Consequently, I chose to make my purchase through your company. You can be justifiably proud to have such sparkling professionals as Deb and Mallory on your team. I look forward to telling others about my outstanding experience with your company, and wish you, and especially Deb and Mallory, every future success.

MendMeShop 5 Star Rating
Daniel Matarazzo, Illinois USA


Fibromyalgia Solutions from MendMeShop!

    It is now possible to:

  • Quickly Relieve the pain caused by fibromyalgia
  • Treat yourself completely at home
  • Avoid the harmful side effects caused by NSAIDs and other medications.

But only if you treat your pain correctly!

Fibromyalgia is a pain- literally!

Are you looking for a superior level of treatment for the pain of fibromyalgia? Would you like to avoid using costly medication and wasting time with constant trips to physiotherapists? Do you want to ease the pain of fibromyalgia flare-ups and just get back to living a normal, active life? Look no further! Introducing professional pain therapy systems from MendMeShop - a breakthrough in fibromyalgia rehabilitation treatment! For years, privileged individuals and professional athletes have had access to treatment methods that allow them to manage injuries and pain more quickly, more effectively, and more completely than you and I. Times have changed, and now professional grade therapeutic devices are available for anyone looking for affordable pain relief which is designed to be used in the comfort of your very own home!

I am Smiling More Now!

I have fibromyalgia and have tried everything, so I was skeptical when my chiropractor recommended that I try the therapeutic products available at MendMeshop.

But after 3 days of treatment on my lower back, I noticed a difference - I was not as stiff and I could walk further than I have been able to in years! I now treat my back once per day and have started working on my neck too.

My kids have even mentioned that I am smiling more now!

Thank you again!
Gwen Young, Ohio USA

Rating: Five Star Rating[5 of 5 Stars!]


Medical Treatments Once Reserved For The Privileged Few Are Now Available To The Public...
Now You Can Treat Yourself At Home!

Ever wonder how professional athletes can compete in such physically demanding activities and still recover so quickly when they've been injured? They use similar products to the ones sold by MendMeShop! These are the tools that professional athletes use on their joint and soft tissue injuries every single day. That's why they're playing grueling professional sports days or weeks after an injury while the rest of us suffer for months, years, or a lifetime. Until recently, if you weren't a professional athlete, you couldn't even get these treatments. But now you can. And they're affordable!

What exactly IS fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is essentially a condition in which the patient suffers from intense, chronic pain, and has a very painful sensitivity to even the lightest touch. The diagnosis of fibromyalgia is tricky, due to the general lack of visible symptoms- you may be feeling excruciating pain, and your doctor may not actually find anything wrong in particular with you. The word "fibromyalgia" comes from a mixture of Latin and Greek, and essentially means "fibrous tissue and muscle pain." This of course refers to pain in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Fibromyalgia is painful, debilitating, and persistent.

The condition known as fibromyalgia can happen to anyone, although it is much more common in females. Fibromyalgia exists in approximately 2% of the population of the United States- that's about 1 in 73 people! Fibromyalgia can strike at any time, and persist indefinitely. As you may already know, this condition is incredibly painful and certainly disruptive to your lifestyle. The biggest problem with fibromyalgia is: as of yet, there is yet no known cure for fibromyalgia. This means that, for many sufferers, the only option is to take NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) or other specialized medications. This can be risky and expensive - medications can cause unpleasant side effects, such as nausea, allergic reactions, headaches, insomnia, and many of other issues.

Learn More About Fibromyalgia:

Fibromyalgia Causes

Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia Treatments

Other than the pain, there is a second problem which fibromyalgia can cause. Given the extraordinary pain of fibromyalgia, sufferers might not have that much desire to get up and get exercise. If anyone in any condition is inactive and doesn't stretch or exercise for a prolonged period of time, their muscles will start to do something called atrophy. This means that the muscles get smaller and more fragile due to not being used. So, if your muscles have atrophied, there is a very high chance of injury once you get active again- you could be doing anything, from having a frisbee match at a family get-together, or just walking down the street. In short, once you stop living an active life and allow your muscles to atrophy, it becomes easier and easier for you to injure yourself during the times that you get active. This is a dangerous situation! If you're already suffering from fibromyalgia, it's critical to avoid injuries due to muscle atrophy.

So, fibromyalgia keeps you in constant pain, and you might be at risk of having atrophied muscles. Life may seem pretty bleak, but never fear! MendMeShop has got you covered!

What You'll Need:
  • A Deep Tissue Therapeutic Inferno Wrap™
  • A Professional Cold Compression Freezie Wrap™
  • High Quality Therapeutic Ultrasound

Professional Therapeutic units from MendMeShop are designed to reduce the pain of many different conditions, from joint damage to osteoarthritis, and dramatically speed healing. An Inferno Wrap™, MendMeShop's specifically designed ultrasound unit, and our "Freezie" Cold Compression Wraps work together to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and ease pain in the treated area. These factors will help you heal and feel better, which are KEY to maintaining an active lifestyle! For the best results, we recommend all three treatment elements in order to reduce fibromyalgia pain as quickly and completely as possible.

Ease Fibromyalgia Pain - Get Back To What You Love!

In addition to helping treat the excruciating pain of fibromyalgia, MendMeShop's outstanding products will also help heal soft tissue, muscle, or joint injuries which you've already sustained or may sustain later on! When your injury requires that you rest, that lack of activity and the edema (swelling) restricts blood flow when you need it most. This is largely why strained muscles and tendons, joint injuries and bursitis take so long to heal. Activity and constant motion keep the blood flowing through your joints and muscles. However, an inactive lifestyle (a common problem with fibromyalgia) obviously means you'll have reduced blood flow to your joints and muscles. This prevents muscle strains and joint injuries (common in fibromyalgia sufferers) from healing properly. To properly heal, you need to reduce the swelling and stimulate blood flow, so that that the injured area(s) get nutrient and oxygen-rich blood. With MendMeShop's pain therapy and healing products, you'll be prepared for anything!

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Inferno Wraps™
Innovative Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™

We recommend this product as the most effective in treating fibromyalgia pain.

Studies have shown that heat therapy is remarkably effective in the treatment of fibromyalgia pain. Heat helps to relax muscles, encourage blood flow, relieves tension, and soothes the ever-present pain of fibromyalgia, provided the heat goes deep enough. Ordinary heating pads and hot packs don't. MendMeShop's Inferno Wrap, with Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy, does!

Exercise and being active promote healthy blood flow through the body. Oxygen and nutrient-rich blood is sent to the muscles, joints and tissues which are being used. When we are at rest or inactive, blood flow is greatly reduced. But, when you are injured, the inactivity which follows means less blood flow, and therefore, slower healing. So, what can be done? Read on and find out! Our innovative Inferno Wraps™ give you the best Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ available. The Inferno Wrap™ creates special energy waves that stimulate blood flow in the area you're treating. The energy waves reach deep into soft tissue, reaching your muscles, ligaments, tendons and cartilage. This helps to reduce pain, relieve stress, and heal injuries.

MendMeShop Inferno Wrap for Fibromyalgia

The Inferno Wrap™ is revolutionary! Its soft, flexible design fits snugly to the contours of your body, providing you with a perfectly fitted, easy-to-use Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ tool. All of our Inferno Wraps™ are made of durable, medical-grade neoprene. The strategically placed pocket holds the Energy Web™ the main component, which wraps around your injury and focuses the soothing and healing energy waves exactly where you need them.

Inferno Wraps are safe, natural, and very effective. In fact, while there are certain concerns over safety that may keep you from using ultrasound therapy or other methods of pain relief, an Inferno Wrap™ is often still a safe and excellent solution. Additionally, the unit is lightweight and portable, and comes with a plug-in adapter- this means you can use the Inferno Wrap™ at home, at work, or anywhere your busy lifestyle takes you!

MendMeShop Success Stories

Like everything we sell, our Inferno Wraps are the finest quality products to be found anywhere. And, like with all our products, we provide those who purchase our Inferno Wraps with our 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with any product you purchase in our shop, you can send it back within 60 days for a full refund.

Please Tell Me More About MendMeShop Inferno Wraps!

How to Order

Freezie Wrap™ Cold Compression Wraps:
Fast Relief for Swelling and Pain!

*Please note before purchasing our quality "Freezie" Cold Compression Wrap*: If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, you may feel a heightened sensitivity to cold, to the point of pain. Before purchasing and using this product, please consult with your doctor and do a test at home with a regular ice pack to determine whether or not you can use cold treatments without feeling additional pain.

Freezie Wrap Knee Wrap
Freezie Wrap for the Knee

Our "Freezie" Wraps™ are made of the highest quality materials. They fit perfectly, stay in place, are extremely durable, and very flexible. They are designed specifically to mold to the curves of the treated area, for a perfect fit that provides an even cooling effect. The gel packs can be completely removed and positioned in the wrap exactly where you need them. The specially formulated gel inside will not migrate away from the injured site, which is a common issue with many other gel packs on the market. Some of the cheapest cold packs simply use a plastic bag partially filled with cold gel. What happens with those cheap designs is that the gel pools in the low spots or in pockets where there is no pressure. Fill a plastic bag with water and put it on your arm and watch what happens - all the water sits in two pools on either side of your arm. Our compression wraps apply pressure to the injured area and the gel packs stay in place, in spite of the pressure!

Here's how Freezie Wraps™ will help: The wrap itself provides support and gentle pressure to the treated area. The coldness of the gel packs interrupt and slow nerve and cell function in the damaged area, which means greatly reduced pain. Additionally, once blood vessels are damaged, they can no longer carry oxygenated blood to the damaged tissue. which causes cells to break down. The deep cold provided by our wraps slow cell function, which reduces cellular break-down. In the early days or weeks of your injury, the inflammation is partly your body's attempt to immobilize the injured area. Unfortunately, this inflammation also strains the surrounding tissue and causes pain. Freezie Wrap™ cold compression wraps reduce the inflammation, giving your body the support it needs without the usual pain.

Like all our products, our cold compression wraps are of the best quality you will find anywhere. And, like all our products, we guarantee our wraps with our 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with the "Freezie" Cold Compression Wrap or any product you purchase in our shop, you can send it back to us for a full refund.

More About MendMeShop Cold Compression Wraps

How to Order

MendMeShop's Therapeutic Ultrasound:
Professional Home Therapy for Fibromyalgia Pain!

The MendMeShop Ultrasound Unit

There are many different types of ultrasound technology which have many different uses. The most well-known kind of ultrasound is used as a safe method for examining unborn babies in their mothers' tummies. Ultrasound is also used for examining the quality of a weld on metal pipes, as a "anti-aging" skin rejuvenation tool, and in one of its most useful forms, it is used as a superior therapeutic tool for healing injured tissue and breaking down scar tissue. The same technology isn't used for all these applications though! MendMeShop offers a completely unique, portable and all-around incredible therapeutic ultrasound device. This remarkable unit can be used for aches, pains, muscle/tendon injuries, and can even help to ease the awful pain of fibromyalgia.

Until only recently, proper ultrasound therapy was only available in doctor's offices and clinics. However, thanks to our innovative team of doctors and engineers, you can now benefit from this powerful and precise technology in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You no longer have to waste your time with inconvenient and costly appointments. The same high quality ultrasound therapy you might get from your doctor and/or physiotherapist is available using a MendMeShop ultrasound unit! Even better - MendMeShop ultrasound kits use a specially formulated medicated ultrasound gel. This is totally new, and completely unique! Through a process called "Phonophoresis", our specially formulated medicated gel delivers anti-inflammatory and pain-soothing ingredients directly into the treated area, providing relief that simply can't be found with regular ultrasound gel.

Great Relief For My Arthritis

I have had arthritis for twenty years affecting my left hip. I have been told by many orthopedists that I will need surgery and they have no other solutions to my problem. I am extremely active... during the past twenty years, I had been searching for ways to manage my hip pain without medication. I have tried accupuncture, various natural ointments, massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractics...

A recent visit to the orthopedist with a new set of x-rays revealed that my hip is "pathetic"... I have continued to seek out ways that I can manage the pain with my busy schedule and limited time for appointments... I have been using the Back Therapy products from MendMeShop at my convenience and at home (which is very advantageous) for the past month.

I find that I get a good deal of relief from the five minute treatments and I really love the MendMeShop conducting gel. I feel that I have a manageable solution to my hip pain at this time and can continue to function and maintain my busy, active and fulfilling lifestyle without worries. I am grateful to continue in my energentic manner at this time.

Mona Greenfield Ph.D, New York City NY USA

Rating:Five Star Rating[5 of 5 Stars!]


Like everything we sell, our Inferno Wraps are the finest quality products to be found anywhere. And, like with all our products, we provide those who purchase our Inferno Wraps with our 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with any product you purchase in our shop, you can send it back within 60 days for a full refund.

More About MendMeShop Ultrasound

How to Order

So, how will owning these products help with my fibromyalgia?

The Inferno™ Wrap, with innovative BFST technology, will drastically help in the reduction of fibromyalgia pains by gently heating the painful areas. The Portable Ultrasound Unit, especially if used with MendMeShop's specialized ultrasound gel, works to gently heat and reduce pain in the area using all natural ingredients. The "Freezie" Cold Compression Wrap helps to numb nerves, which helps to reduce pain of any sort.

Don't Let Fibromyalgia Pain Stop You!

As you may know, fibromyalgia sufferers will likely want to keep working, take care of family, or especially to just plain get out and do things. Once you stop doing these things, it is hard to get active again. Besides this, the odds of straining yourself or injuring a joint increase greatly after periods of inactivity. Constant re-injury will lead to the build up of scar tissue and improper healing- this makes it even more difficult to stay active. You can potentially end up with reduced flexibility, less strength, and potentially life long problems.

With proper treatments and therapies, you can keep your fibromyalgia from impacting your life completely. And that is the ultimate goal!

They're Proven To Work!

Medically Proven

All of our products have been scientifically and medically tested to relieve pain and promote healing. Our products are Chiropractor and Doctor recommended for patients who require treatment for all kinds of soft tissue injuries and nerve injuries, as well as Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia, Bursitis and Arthritis.

inferno wrap shoulder bursa

Not sure what to buy? For fibromyalgia sufferers, the most fundamental tool is the Inferno Wrap™. This product will work efficiently towards relieving much of your day to day fibromyalgia pain. Remember, BFST is the ultimate natural therapy for severe soft tissue injury. The Inferno Wraps™ are a unique product that will lessen chronic pain, which is your number 1 priority. In addition to helping reduce pain and speed healing, they also feel great!

MendMeShop Medicated Ultrasound Gel

Second on your list needs to be a MendMeShop Ultrasound Kit. Instead of getting ultrasound treatments from a physical therapist's office, you can treat yourself at home with an ultrasound unit that comes with a bottle of our specially formulated gel which contains naturally based pain relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Through phonophoresis, a MendMeShop ultrasound unit actually drives the pain relieving ingredients deep into tissue, giving you the pain relief where you need it. Whatever you choose, the products at our MendMeShop store are all effective fibromyalgia treatment devices, and come with 60 day money back guarantees.

For acute problems like strains and sprains, or if you simply want to take your pain relief therapy to the highest level, use our Freezie Cold Compression Wrap™. They are effective, easy to use and are the preferred wrap of the chiropractic and physical therapist community.

Every Day We Receive Calls from Customers Who Simply Want to Thank Us for Introducing Them to Our Products!

Able To Walk Better

The MendMeShop Gold Back Therapy Combo was a great treatment for my aching back. I used to walk like a duck. The doctors didn't find anything broken but it hurt at every step. I had given up on working, sleeping, and dancing. I used the device on my back and was able to walk in high heels like a young woman again.

Betty Rice, Pittsburgh PA

Rating: Five Star Rating[5 of 5 Stars!]


Check Out Customer Reviews and Our Forum!

Success stories=

Check out our product reviews at the MendMeShop store and read what customers say about our products. These reviews are success stories typical of our customers - these are not the exceptions. These reviews have been left by real users without any compensation for doing so. They are just so happy with what MendMeShop has done for them, they want to share their stories with everyone! Every day we get calls from people who just want to say how happy they are with their purchases. MendMeShop products don't just work for a few people- they work like magic for almost all of the people who buy them. We've searched the world to find you the best products, and if it isn't the best, we won't sell it- guaranteed!

MendMeShop photo

If you have questions of your own, try browsing through our Forum. The MendMeShop Forum has many questions posed by our customers about their conditions and how MendMeShop products can help. Our forum is reviewed regularly by our knowledgeable MendMeShop staff who will post answers to your questions as promptly as possible. Want to know if one of our products will work for you? Just ask our doctors! After all, doctors are some of our biggest customers! We continually add comments from new customers which show that the medical community is a big believer in our products and use them on themselves!

It Goes Where You Go

All our products are small and light-weight, so you can take your treatments with you wherever you might go. We provide power adapters that will work in nearly every country around the world! Use them at home, while traveling, or at the office! Your injury won't heal without proper treatment- with the right solution from MendMeShop, you can get that treatment wherever you are!

How to Order

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Try a MendMeShop solution today. In fact, why not try it for 60 days? Our ultrasound unit includes one bottle of gel, which is good for 60-70 applications. This should last about 3 weeks, when used 3 times a day as we recommend. This is typically enough to heal and/or significantly improve most conditions! Try anything from our shop, and if you are not completely satisfied, send the used product back to us for a full refund.

You've got nothing to lose but your pain!

For More Information...

Learn More About Fibromyalgia:

Fibromyalgia Causes

Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia Treatments

If you are still unsure about the benefits of having a MendMeShop Therapeutic Solution in your household, feel free to browse through our websites. You will find plenty of links to top medical institutions and studies that recommend our products and therapy methods. You can also find unedited and unfiltered reviews of our products by our users. We have many resources for you to take full advantage of, including a handy treatment guide online, all our contact information, and of course our video.

Click Here to read product reviews left by our customers at the MENDMESHOP store

Order Yours Today!

Do you have more questions?

We encourage you to contact our office directly with any questions you may have regarding injuries or pain due to fibromyalgia. We will do our best to answer your questions in a thorough and courteous manner.

Feel free to email us at

Alternatively, for those located within the US or Canada, you may contact us on our toll free number 1-866-237-9608. If you live outside of these countries, call our local number at 705 445 3505

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A true breakthrough in knee injury rehabilitation!

Cold Compression Knee Therapy

Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy with an Inferno leg wrap for the ultimate in healing

Doctors and physical therapists recommend ice and compression to reduce back pain and swelling in sore, strained or overused muscles, especially in the lower back.

Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy with an Inferno Back wrap for the ultimate in sore back healing

This universal leg wrap can provide cold compression to the shin, calf, groin, thigh, or hamstring.

Ankle sprain treatment without surgery.

Stop forearm pain - 100% Guaranteed To Reduce Pain and Swelling.

Foot Injury Therapy: 100% Guaranteed to Reduce Plantar Pain and Foot Swelling.

Our Cold Compression Shoulder Wrap provides quick and efficient relief of swelling and pain from an active sprain, shoulder strain, whiplash, or tight upper back muscles.

This lightweight, padded dorsal night splint provides you with relief from plantar fasciitis pain while allowing you to sleep comfortably.

Plantar Fasciitis splint with tread, great pain relief for your plantar fasciitis.

Questions? Call Our Customer Service Department Today!